How It Works

Scaling food production approaches

Agro research collaborative solutions & knowledge exchange programs

We collaborate with research institutions and colleges to offer workstations for shared support in critical research areas in both crops and livestock.

We support and scale innovative ideas anchored on new plant variety resistant to climate change, pests & diseases and new livestock breed.

Bridge information gaps and promote use of artificial intelligence

We identify and bridge information gaps among farmers and agribusiness stakeholders with an aim of having a seamless flow across value chain development and offer private sector-led mechanization, use of technologies and digital platforms both onsite and remotely.

AgriTech innovation eco system

AIH has a system of recruiting professionals from industry experts, universities and agriculture colleges across the country to work at the hub or remotely as technical officers and mentors.

The 3-6 month intensive mentorship sessions provide mentees with skills and resources that will offer a speedy uptake of their enterprise.

Mitigating food wastage approaches

Post- harvest management

We offer proper harvest handling by encouraging use of good agronomy practice and post-harvest handling techniques for both crops and dairy this is done through strengthening:

  • Market linkages
  • Processing, drying and cooling
  • Forage bulking and silage making

Rural enterprise agribusiness development(READ) model

We have established Agtech Farm Hubs by utilizing small commercial farmers who comprise lead local smallholder farmers and entrepreneurs with the ability to adopt and mobilize improved agricultural techniques and technologies that will increase their own production and, subsequently, that of the community The model equally gives insight on climate change adaptation and mitigation measures.